ForeTell® solutions bring together everything that contributes
to a critical decision:

  • Libraries of pre-defined templates for quickly modeling your
    situation, including:
    • Relevant data about key people, places, things, and
      candidate decisions
    • Alternate assumptions about trends and events likely
      to shape the future
    • Situational dynamics, such as environmental forces
      and stakeholder behavior patterns
  • "What-if" tools for projecting outcomes of alternate decisions
    across possible futures
  • Analysis tools for interactively exploring and comparing
    simulated outcomes
  • A pragmatic methodology for identifying robust decisions -
    uniformly and repeatably

ForeTell solutions act as "knowledge engines".
They package and help you distribute best practices decision-making expertise across your organization.
DecisionPath partners with consultants with recognized expertise in particular decision areas. These
experts often deliver ForeTell solutions to end-users via consulting services. ForeTell solutions also
capture and leverage your own expertise, in the form of scenario content and customized dynamics
tailored to your particular situation.

ForeTell solutions are being developed for critical decisions in the following domains:
Decision Path also offers consulting and training services to develop and support ForeTell solutions.