Foretell helps you manage outcomes, not just risks.
Risk management is reactive and defensive. ForeTell helps you assess
the potential benefits as well as risks of alternate decisions; understand
how they interact; and weigh them against one another. Balancing risks
and rewards drives proactive decision-making, which is necessary for
achieving sustainable growth or security.

Foretell automatically generates audit trails for your decision
Audit trails capture the "world view" of decision-makers: what
information was taken into account, treated as fact or assumption,
what alternatives were considered, etc. By providing a detailed rationale
for executive decisions, ForeTell audit trails promote team buy-in and
alignment, employee development, and improved corporate governance.
They also provide a baseline for lessons learned and continuous
improvement in decision models and processes.

ForeTell helps you select superior strategies, implement them smoothly, and adjust rapidly to inevitable environmental changes over time.
ForeTell's support for decision lifecycles, from inception through execution is necessary to achieve and maintain success.

ForeTell helps you minimize risk while improving confidence and consistency in your organization's critical decisions.