DecisionPath collaborates frequently with partners to jointly
develop and deliver ForeTell solutions tailored for specific markets
and types of decisions

We partner with system integrators and non-profit organizations on
solutions for Government users, such as national and homeland security.
We partner with end-user organizations and management consultants on
commercial decision support solutions, focusing to date on pharmaceuticals
and life sciences, financial services, and energy.

DecisionPath provides flexible licensing models based on end-user and
partner requirements. ForeTell solutions can be packaged and licensed as
end-user software products, or used to drive services delivered to clients
via consulting engagements or Government contracts. We also offer
Developer licenses (and training) for the ForeTell platform itself, which
enables partners to develop, maintain, and extend their own ForeTell

DecisionPath has collaborated with organizations including:

We are actively seeking channel partners to co-develop and co-market custom decision support solutions
and invite you to contact us.