President and Chief Architect

Dr. Richard M. Adler is the founder of DecisionPath. He designed and
implemented the company's ForeTell software platform and currently
directs development and delivery of ForeTell-based solutions for Government,
Life Sciences, and Financial Services markets.

Previously, Dr. Adler was a Partner in Computer Science Corporationís
commercial consulting group. At CSC, he held positions as the Solutions
Architect for the company's Net Markets practice and earlier, as the Application
Architect for Lynx, CSC's software framework for developing transactional
business applications. Dr. Adler was previously VP of R and D at Symbiotics, Inc.,
a middleware software startup, and held technical positions with the MITRE
Corporation and Control Data Corporation.

Dr. Adler has over two decades of experience developing advanced software
technologies and innovative systems architectures in business applications,
mission-critical operations support, decision support, process control,
modeling and simulation, and knowledge management. He has served clients
in a wide range of industries, including software, healthcare, insurance,
financial services, and semiconductor manufacturing, as well as the
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the United States Air Force, and NASA.

Dr. Adler has published and presented on topics including competitive
(drug) marketing strategy, organizational change management, pandemic
preparedness, counter-terrorism decision support, knowledge management,
component software, executable specifications, intelligent systems,
and software architectures for distributed control.

Contact information:
(617) 794-9036