Organizational Change

Organizations face change on a continual basis: responding to threats or
opportunities, they merge, downsize, upgrade technology and skills, and
otherwise re-engineer themselves. Attempts to manage the disruptions
caused by these transformations – such as reduced morale and
performance – frequently fail

Conventional Change Management (CM) treats change as a tactical
problem that can be planned and scheduled like any routine project. But
change is not tactical; it is an ongoing strategic challenge that requires
regular reassessment and adjustments to account for organizational


ForeTell® solution
Our ForeTell CALM solution introduces readiness to change as a strategic metric. CALM lets you practice CM strategies, understand their impact on readiness, and refine them before you roll them out in the real world. CALM models the effects of internal and external forces, events, responses of key stakeholders, and more. CALM also acts as an ongoing change execution tool, helping you track implementation results, detect problems, and make mid-course corrections.

  • Estimate initial readiness along a variety of dimensions
  • Identify goal or target readiness states for enabling change
  • Simulate progress towards your target under different strategies and possible futures
  • For M and A planning, redesigning business processes or enterprise IT systems

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