About Us

About Decision Path, Inc.
DecisionPath helps government and business organizations reduce the
costs and risks of making and managing critical decisions in complex
environments. DecisionPath's innovative decision support solutions
enable you to better determine what needs to be done today to reach
your goals tomorrow.

Company principals have extensive experience in software development
and management consulting for both business and government clients,
focused primarily on advanced software architectures and systems for
mission-critical operations and decision support.

DecisionPath technologists have worked and published extensively in
areas including Artificial Intelligence, Component Frameworks,
Distributed Systems, Simulation, and Knowledge Management. All of
these technologies contribute to our ForeTell decision support platform.

DecisionPath works closely with business partners
with recognized decision expertise in particular horizontal or vertical domains to co-develop and deliver ForeTell-based solutions to end-users.

The company was founded in 2003. Our offices are located in Winchester, MA, just north of Boston.