DecisionPath works closely with our channel partners and
end-user clients to develop ForeTell solutions tailored to specific
domains and decisions. We also contract to maintain, customize
and extend these solutions.

Our ForeTell software technology is highly agile and productive.
We typically develop compelling prototypes to demonstrate feasibility
in one to two days. Working with subject matter experts, our
consultants can construct Pilot systems that embody significant
behavioral simulation functionality in one to two person weeks. We
then refine, calibrate, validate, and deploy complete ForeTell solutions
within a few more weeks.

Our methodology for developing ForeTell solutions synthesizes best-of-breed modeling and software engineering techniques.
Experienced DecisionPath consultants apply our methodology's processes for eliciting relevant knowledge from domain experts and mapping it into the ForeTell platform. Key methodology elements include the following:

  • Knowledge acquisition and representation methods originally developed for building expert systems
  • Object-oriented analysis, design, coding, and testing methods
  • Component frameworks and design patterns that promote concise, extensible code
  • Rapid iterative build, test, and refine development cycles
  • Techniques for validating and verifying ForeTell solutions and simulation logic