IT Portfolio Management

Today's IT organizations face flat or shrinking budgets and staff levels.
At the same time, they face increased expectations to help reduce overall
business costs and produce process innovations that drive growth and
new capabilities. In response, many organizations are applying financial
management techniques to minimize risks, control costs, and maximize
ROI for IT projects and systems considered as a group.

Existing IT portfolio management solutions help track IT budgets, staff
resources and project schedules. They can also project the impact of
shifting time or labor, to answer tactical “what-if? questions. However,
they are ill suited to answering key strategic questions such as "What
are the right initiatives in which to invest?" and "What is the right amount
to invest across initiatives?"


ForeTell® solution
Our ForeTell ITPM Pilot solution focuses on modeling IT initiatives and their alignment with and impact on organizational goals. ITPM lets you quickly capture business cases for current and proposed IT initiatives in terms of business unit objectives and capabilities and project timelines, resources, interdependencies and risks. ITPM then projects how different sets of projects, under different scenarios of success or failure will advance or impede organizational goals. You can also use ITPM to monitor and tune your IT portfolios on an ongoing basis.

  • Compare alternate portfolios for impact on goals, capabilities, and ROI
  • Identify the relative risk-reward trade-offs across portfolio strategies
  • Track and tune execution results, driving continuous performance improvement

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