Additional Information

Testing Strategic Decisions
introduces our "test drive" methodology for strategic decision support
( E-Business Blog article, published August 02, 2006)

Executive Summary
describes ForeTell solution elements

Integrating ForeTell with Business Intelligence
describes how ForeTell differs from, extends, and
integrates with your existing Business Intelligence solutions

ForeTell BLOG Interview
discusses recent ForeTell solutions
(from WhiteRhinoReport BLOG by Al Chase)

ForeTell Homeland Security Solution - DRMM
(Dynamic Risk Management Model) describes ForeTell solution for assessing cost-effectiveness of
counter-terror strategies against maritime threats, developed for United States Coast Guard.

ForeTell Approach to Organizational Performance Management
Executive Summary explaining ForeTell approach to improving organizational performance

ForeTell Cyber Security Solution - FTCyberSec
describes ForeTell performance management solution for improving Cyber Security, based on a capability maturity model developed by Carnegie Mellon University / Software Engineering Institute's CERT group.

ForeTell Data Governance Solution - IBMDataGovPM
describes ForeTell performance management solution for improving enterprise Data Governance, based on a capability maturity model developed by the IBM Data Governance Council

ForeTell Solution for Organizational Change Management
Executive Summary for ForeTell Change Management solution (Change, Adaptation, Learning Model, or CALM)

Overview of ForeTell Change Management Methodology - CALM
White paper explaining CALM change management solution rationale and methodology

ForeTell Solution for Competitive Drug Marketing Strategy - CompeteRx
describes ForeTell CompeteRx solution for validating and refining drug marketing mix strategies

ForeTell Solution for pandemic preparedness
describes Pilot solution for strategies to contain outbreaks of
infectious diseases such as avian flu

ForeTell and Critical Knowledge Retention
explains ForeTell's utility as a KM platform for preserving and
leveraging decision-making expertise

ForeTell White Paper
describes business case for ForeTell
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