DecisionPath offers training directed to two kinds of audiences -
end-users and solution developers.

ForeTell User Training
User Training consists of a one-day course. Students are individuals
who apply ForeTell solutions to support decision-makers, such as staff
planners, analysts or consultants. This course introduces end-users to
the ForeTell methodology; software platform; and their ForeTell-based
solution. Lectures are interspersed with interactive exercises tailored to
a particular ForeTell solution. These hands-on exercises help students
develop proficiency in using ForeTell to model, simulate, and analyze
their critical decisions.



ForeTell Developer Training
Developer Training consists of a five-day course. Typical students are senior software developers for system integrators that intend to build and maintain their own ForeTell solutions. The first day consists of the User Training course. The remainder of the week explains the ForeTell software framework and development methodology. Students learn how to design, develop, and deploy ForeTell solutions. Lectures are interspersed with hands-on coding exercises organized around a single ForeTell solution case study. These exercises help students gain proficiency with ForeTell development tools and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). The course presupposes competency in Java, SQL, and OO analysis and design.