Test Drive Your Critical Decisions

You wouldn't buy a car without test driving it first. So why do you
commit to new business strategies or government policies without trying them out first?

Our test-drive methodology and ForeTell software help businesses,
government agencies, and other organizations reduce the risks of making and implementing
critical decisions in complex environments. Our innovative decision support solutions enable
you to better determine what needs to be done today to reach your goals tomorrow.

Minimize risk and build confidence with ForeTell technology:

  • Powerful "what-if" simulations tailored to your decision
  • Leverage your full knowledge about your environment and behaviors of key actors
  • Observe how decision options unfold across a range of plausible futures
  • Compare outcomes to identify the option that outperforms other alternatives
  • Monitor and adjust your decisions after the point of decision, as you execute them
  • True decision support that truly looks forward, not just backwards



Fight the Law of Unintended Consequences
Anticipating the outcomes of complex decisions is difficult. Surviving mistakes is even harder and
more costly. Use ForeTell test drives
to practice your decisions, and learn safely from mistakes in the virtual rather than real world.

Find the path to best-case scenarios
Simply minimizing worst-case risk exposure is reactive and defensive. Do more -- steer your organization
toward the most favorable outcomes despite uncertainty about the future.

Execute adaptively
Many tools can help analyze your decisions. But only ForeTell helps you execute the decision you choose.
Use ForeTell over time to track your results, responses of key stakeholders, and relevant situational changes.

For further information on the decision test-drive methodology powering ForeTell please check out our book
Bending the Law of Unintended Consequences
(Springer, Feb. 2020) and our blog