Only ForeTell® lets you easily and rapidly test drive
complex decisions:

  • Apply to critical government and business decisions
  • Quickly sketch your current situation and how it is likely to evolve
  • Leverage your knowledge about key stakeholder behaviors
  • Observe how alternate decisions unfold in many possible futures

Minimize risk and build confidence with ForeTell technology:

  • "What-if" simulation tailored to your decision
  • True decision support that looks forward, not just backward
  • Scenario planning that is personalized and actionable
  • Ongoing tracking after your point of decision



Fight the Law of Unintended Consequences
Anticipating the outcomes of complex decisions is difficult. Surviving mistakes is even harder and
more costly. ForeTell's powerful
"what-if" software plays out your decisions safely, in a virtual world.

Find the path to best-case scenarios
Simply minimizing worst-case risk exposure is reactive and defensive. Do more -- steer your organization
toward the most favorable outcomes.

Execute adaptively
Many tools can help analyze your decisions. But only ForeTell helps you execute the decision you choose.
Use ForeTell over time to track your results, responses of key stakeholders, and relevant situational changes.

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